Want to try out nail and string art but not sure where to begin?  Well, begin right here!

Our series of short string art tutorial videos is a great place to get an understanding of the basic concepts of string art.  We will cover:

  1. The contents of your Craft Addict string art kit box and why every component (including the box!) is so helpful.
  2. How to properly insert your nails (no hammering required!) to our pre-drilled boards. 
  3. Tying your first knot to begin your string art project.
  4. How to create an appealing and consistent application of string without using any string patterns.
  5. How to create a basic spiral with string.
  6. How to use the spiral string concept to create a narrow band of color around the outer edge of a space.
  7. How to use the spiral string concept to create a wide band of color around the outer edge of a space.
  8. How to think about and plan your string art project as a whole.
  9. An overview of the different types of edge lines you can create around a space with string.
  10. How to create a single outer edge line of string.
  11. How to create an inner edge line of string and achieve the double edge line look.
  12. How to create the figure-8 / crisscross edge line.
  13. How to create a thick edge line by combining the outer edge line, inner edge line, and the figure-8 / crisscross edge line together.

What we will not cover in this introductory guide to string art:

  • Creating a string art nail pattern - we make string art easy by doing this difficult step for you!
  • Finishing your wood/MDF board - we offer finished wood boards and painted MDF boards to make your life easy, so we will save the complexities of different finishing techniques for a more advanced class.
  • Hammering your nails into a board following a string art pattern - since we pre-drill our string art wood to make your life easy, we don't need to go over this difficult and time-consuming process!