Craft Addict was started by four energetic 30-something family members: Jillian, her husband Ben, Ben's brother Jake, and Jake's wife Alexis.

Jillian: Artist, IT, Operations, Sales

Jillian, Ben, Jake, Alexis

Jillian has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Computer Science. She spent 15 years working for Fortune 50 companies in roles ranging from software, database, and web development to business intelligence and data warehousing project management. She appreciates that Craft Addict allows her to combine her business and technology skills with her artistic side and her personable nature.

Ben: Sales, Operations, IT

Ben has more than 15 years of experience in a wide variety of roles ranging from the highly technical, to sales, to manufacturing, to product development, and upper-level management. Ben brings operational expertise to all facets of the business, except design – he isn’t creative, at all! He left his most recent position as VP of Technology at a healthcare software company to focus his time and energy on growing Craft Addict.

Jake & Alexis: Manufacturing, Operations

Jake is a proud 10 year veteran of the US Navy whose woodworking hobby and previous precision manufacturing experience united to create an ideal platform to make our string art kits. Alexis is a caring mother who enjoys helping people discover their inner “string artist.” They work together to transform our raw materials into perfect kits for your customers to complete.

Their Mission

Craft Addict founders Jillian, Ben, Jake & Alexis are excited about their expansion beyond offering string art workshops in the greater Las Vegas area. If you want to add the latest crafting craze to your art studio, contact Craft Addict today to learn about their Wholesale Partner Program - they'll set you up with a login to their wholesale shopping portal, teach you how to make string art, and offer you huge discounts and bonuses for referring new wholesale customers!