Traditional string art is cool....but it's hard work!

If you've ever attempted your own string art (or if you've even just considered attempting it), then you know how difficult it is!  Acquiring and finishing the wood, finding the right nails and string, creating an eye-catching pattern that translates well to the string art medium, pounding (and pounding, and pounding) the nails into your wood...and all this before you get to the really fun part of wrapping the string around the nails!  Then on top of all of that, you probably injured your thumb with the hammer more than once, and your nails are crooked, unevenly spaced, and at different depths!  What a mess!

Now enter Craft Addict!

Precision drilled boards

We have removed the difficulty, the excessive time required, and all that annoying hammering, so you can create stunning looking projects with very little effort in just a fraction of the time!

When you work with one of Craft Addict's string art kits, you begin with a pre-drilled board; no hammers required! We give you a beautiful pattern for your nails that is already drilled into a board, so all you need to do is place a little glue on the end of each nail, insert them into the holes, and then wrap the string around the nails to create a totally unique work of art.

With our string art kits, the pre-drilled holes are all exactly the same size and depth and we provide nails that fit perfectly, so the finished product is clean and precise, and it avoids all the bruised fingers, dinged and dented boards, misaligned nails, and variable nail heights and spacing that you get with a traditional hammered board. 

2018-03-14-seahorses-customized.jpgWith your string art kit purchase, you'll get access to our constantly expanding library of instructional videos - the next best thing to attending one of our fun string art workshops in Las Vegas!  We show you how to begin your project, how to implement different string patterns and styles, and how to complete your board so you can enjoy it for years to come without the worry of the string coming unraveled.

And one more great feature of our string art kits: you can customize them any way you like!

Our string art kits are easy to complete, easy to change, and they make it virtually impossible to create something that you wouldn't want to display on your wall or give as a gift!

You can shop our retail craft kit offerings here on our site, or if you are an art instructor interested in adding string art to your class schedule with our no-tools-required kits, contact us today so we can set you up with a login to shop our wholesale products.