At Craft Addict, we absolutely LOVE string art!  But let's get serious for a moment - it takes HOURS that feel ENDLESS to hammer all those nails into your wood! 

Not only that, but your nails end up crooked, at uneven depths, and with uneven spacing around your image - not to mention the number of times you probably whacked your fingers or dented your wood with your hammer!

We wanted to make string art easier so that it was accessible to more people, and quieter so that it would be conducive to social arts & crafts settings like craft & sip studios, so we have ELIMINATED the need for hammering in string art!. 

We spent months researching types and sizes of nails that would be not only perfect for string art (our nails won't leave a black residue on your fingers or your string like most other nails, and our nails have just enough head on them to hold your string in place without being too distracting in your artwork), but would also combine beautifully with our drilling techniques and sizes (our nails fit just right in our drill holes with just enough room for a little bit of glue to hold them securely in place).  

Check out this tutorial video that shows how easy it is to insert our nails to our string art boards - it's fast, it's effective, it's quiet, it's easy, and it comes out looking perfect in no time flat!