How quickly will I receive my customized kit?
Most kits will ship within 2 business days of when you place your order, and shipping is typically 2-3 days depending on your location. The kits that may take up to 3 business days for processing are those that require us to create a custom drill pattern, such as our Custom Name or Word products.
Where can I learn about string art techniques?
When you receive your kit, it will include a link to our online tutorial videos – the next best thing to attending one of our fun DIY string art workshops in Las Vegas!
How long will it take to complete my string art project?
Every person and every design is different, but most projects can be completed in under three hours by an adult. If you choose a more difficult design or more difficult patterning techniques and you are a novice string artist, you may require more time than this, but we promise it will be far less time than if you had to hammer in hundreds of nails!
Are your string art kits good for kids?
Our Level 01 - Very Easy, and Level 02 - Easy, string art kits are great for kids to try out - it helps them develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition. We usually suggest ages 8+, but we've had a few very talented 7-year-olds in our string art workshops as well. Older kids or kids who have tried out a few of the easier designs may be ready to graduate to Level 03 - Moderate and beyond.
Can I use my own nails?
You can try, but our nails are designed to fit perfectly into the holes – most other nails will not fit correctly.
Can I use my own glue?
We spent many long hours testing out different types and brands of glue before settling on the one that comes with our kits. The glue in our kits holds the nails well, dries relatively quickly, dries clear, and won’t yellow over time. For these reasons and more, we highly recommend that you use the glue included in your kit.
Can I use my own string?
Yes! We chose our string because it is strong, fade resistant, and comes in a huge array of colors, but if you want to apply your own string, go for it! One of the great things about our string art kits is that you can remove the string and apply new string over and over again!
Will this 3M Command Strip REALLY hold my project to the wall?
If installed correctly, yes! A single set of Large 3M Command Strips can hold up to 4 pounds, and even our 11x17 board is only 2.5 pounds. For kits that are meant to have things hanging from them (like a key holder, leash holder, etc.) we will include an additional set of Large 3M Command strips in your kit so you can hold up to 8 pounds total (including the board, nails, pegs/hooks, and anything you would hang from the pegs/hooks).
Do you offer any group discounts?
Yes! If you would like to place a large order for a women’s retreat, church event, birthday party, ladies craft night, etc., you can use discount code KITGROUP15 for 15% off of string art kit orders over $250.
Do you offer your supplies wholesale?
Yes! If you are an arts & crafts instructor, please contact us to find out how you can purchase our materials at a significant discount, get your instructors trained by our string artists, and quickly add string art to your class schedule!
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes! If you have a network/audience to which you would like to promote our products, we have some excellent benefits for you! Please contact us today to find out more!