Cactus Garden Duo - 11x14 String Art Kit

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Our DIY string art kits come with everything you need - no tools required, so put down that hammer - and perhaps pick up a glass of wine instead! 

Great for a relaxing afternoon at home or a social girls' night in, our adult craft kits are fun, easy, and produce lovely pieces of finished artwork when you're complete! 

The 11x14 Cactus Garden Duo string art craft kit will include the following:

  • an 11" x 14" MDF or natural wood board drilled with the Cactus Duo design, with rounded front face edges for a beautiful finished look (and easier finishing if you choose an unfinished MDF or wood option to finish yourself);
  • nails designed to fit perfectly with our drills, in the color of your choice (the primary Cactus Garden artwork sample uses gray nails);
  • glue that is tested to be perfect for our craft kits (just a little on the end of each nail is all you need);
  • string that is vibrant, strong, and fade-resistant, in the color(s) of your choice (the primary Cactus Garden sample uses Moss Green, Fresh Olive, and Desert Sand);
  • 3M Command Strips to hang your artwork easily and damage-free when it is complete; and
  • access to our library of string art instructional videos - the next best thing to attending one of our fun DIY string art workshops in Las Vegas!
Unlike most arts & crafts, and quite different from traditional string art, you really can't make a mistake (or get injured!) with our DIY string art kits.

The nail holes are precision drilled to create crisp shapes with even nail spacing, upright rather than crooked nails, and all nails standing at the exact same height.  This is quite different from the haphazard results you get when you spend hours hammering the nails for your string art project.

As for the string, there is no need to worry about messing it up either - unlike that one bad brush stroke that can ruin a painting, if you do not like how your string is looking, just unwind it and try again!

With all the hammering eliminated, your project comes out looking beautiful in under three hours typically - and without breaking a sweat!

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