Craft Addict Headquarters

Craft Addict is based in Las Vegas, NV, but we ship our DIY string art kits and supplies nationwide to our retail customers and wholesale partners.


The groundwork for Craft Addict was laid in mid-2015 when Alexis and Jake moved to Las Vegas to be closer to Jillian and Ben, and the group began assembling their extensive wood shop. The group was tinkering and crafting together until they launched their first "big idea" in 2016 - string art kits with no tools required! 


Currently, the focus for Craft Addict is on making beautiful, easy-to-complete string art kits, and supporting our wholesale partners as they add string art workshops to their class schedule.  To keep our focus firmly on the success of our wholesale partners, we are winding down our own string art workshop class schedule - we've had a blast doing it, but now it's time to help our wholesale partners learn how!

Customizable String Art Kits

Our Customizable DIY String Art Kits let you select the material and finish of your board, the nail color, and the string colors to make your design truly unique!  And because we have eliminated the long hours of hammering that traditional string art requires, our wholesale partners are able to use our wholesale kits to offer a wider array of art classes in their studios!

Other Crafty Products

We still enjoy tinkering in the shop and creating new products, so we will continue to expand our craft project offerings as we grow!